Rev Code UB04

Stop losing money to denied UB04 claims. Learn how to fill them out the right way.

In 2 Minutes You Can Have All the Information You Need to Stop Claim Denials by Using Accurate UB04 Rev Codes, Value Codes, and Type of Bill!! 

"As the president of the Professional Medical Billers Association, not only do I whole-heartedly recommend and stand behind Alice and Michele's books, we use the 'How to Complete a UB-04 form' e-book as the primary learning source for our 'Facility Billing 101' course! These books are authored by leaders and experts in the field and prove to be resources you will refer to time and time again!"

                                                                                                     Michelle M. Rimmer

Great Manual!  I have been struggling for a bit trying to find something as comprehensive as your manual to the filling out of this UB04 claim form.  Well priced by the way.

Just Imagine - being able to complete a UB04 form easily and with the correct information to get it paid on the first submission!

  • Find out what the correct Rev Code is for your facility
  • Learn what to enter in the "Type of Bill" field
  • Learn about occurrence codes
  • Understand Value Codes and how to use them
  • Learn about patient status codes
  • Know which conditional codes are required for your specialty

We started billing for a drug and alcohol facility about 7 years ago. Most of their business was Medicaid but the problem they had was that their commercial insurance claims had to be billed out on UB04 forms (at that time they were UB92 forms) rather than the more common CMS or HCFA 1500 forms, and no one at the facility had a clue how to file them.

Actually we didn't have a clue either, so we asked around and found that it took major research and expense to gather all the information we required just to complete a UB04 form correctly. Yes, we spent a lot of time and money just to figure this all out. But in the long run it was worth it to us.

We purchased products and did online research and were dismayed at how complicated this all seemed. Much of the information we found was intended for hospital billing and didn't pertain to billing for a small facility. We spent hours pouring over the information to find what we needed to complete the UB92 form correctly.

To make a long story short - it worked! We took on the account and successfully billed out the claims and the drug and alcohol facility started bringing in tens of thousands of dollars they had been losing in the past years of not being able to submit the claims on the UB forms.

Problem Solved!!

Then we found out that we weren't alone. We received many questions on our website about how to complete the UB04 form. Facilities all over the country were having problems completing these forms and more and more insurance companies were insisting the claims were filed on the UB04 forms. Facilities were losing money right and left.

Thank You!  I couldn't have done anything without your UB04 Book!!

We decided to share our information with you.

We took the knowledge we had gained and put the information together in a book you can have in front of you immediately.

Michele and I sat down and went through the UB04 form line by line and box by box and wrote out easy to understand directions for completing the form correctly to get your insurance claims paid. Written in easy to understand language this book will take you through the form telling you exactly which lines and boxes are required and which ones you can skip.

What you will find in our book

  • A list of Rev Codes with descriptions

  • Explanation of "Type of Bill" and chart to correctly identify your situation

  • An explanation of every field with note if required or not

  • List of patient status codes with descriptions so you know how to use them

  • Condition codes and how to use them

  • List of occurrence codes with descriptions

  • List of value codes with descriptions

UB04 instruction book

We give you all the information you need to file these claim forms correctly.

What is this information worth?

How much is it worth to stop losing money to denied insurance claims? Some clinics are losing thousands of dollars. How much is it worth to have this information in front of you within minutes and in easy to understand language?

You can download our informative ebook "How to Complete a UB04 Form Completely and Correctly, Line by Line, Box by Box" immediately
for just $47

Isn't it worth $47 to be sure you know how to complete all fields on the UB04?

You can download your copy of "How to Complete a UB04 Form Completely and Correctly, Line by Line, Box by Box" now.

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